About Self in the Universe (English)

[ Services ]

  1. Spiritual Readings, Mediumship Sessions
    (Face-to-Face, Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger Sessions)
    Currently, these sessions are offered mainly in Kochi, Tokyo. Sessions are also provided irregularly in other locations (Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Sendai, Ishinomaki, Yamaguchi, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Fukushima, Kanazawa, Matsuyama, Kagawa, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei and Switzerland, etc).
  2. Domestic and International Spiritual Events and Workshops
    Hosting spiritual events, related workshops, demonstrations, study groups, music lives or art events
  3. Spiritual Healing
    (face-to-face or remote) are offered at no charge. 


[ About Sae Sawada (Medium Counselor) ]

Since her childhood, Sae experienced varieties of spiritual phenomena.

Eventually, such events turned eyes to the world of spirituality. Seeking an answer to understand her experiences got her into exploring the spiritual world. During her quest, she was also drawn to palmistry and gradually doing palm readings for her friends and people she knew. 


She lived in Singapore for 9 years from 1996 to 2005. In Singapore, she offered her counseling service on referral basis. After returning to Japan in 2005, she took training courses at the one of spiritualism institute in Tokyo, following the school of British modern spiritualism, for 5 years to strengthen her basic knowledge and gain further trainings on the area. 


Meanwhile in 2006, she started giving spiritual reading sessions in Tokyo and Kochi, however, she temporarily withdrew from it later. In March 2009, she restarted sessions on referral basis in Kagurazaka and Azabu-juban in Tokyo, in Kochi, and Singapore. She passed the medium certificate test at the above institute in August 2010. From the following month, she began her professional sessions as Sae Sawada at the institute. 


As a medium, she has participated in “Sunday Services,” “Thursday Night Demonstrations,” and “Festival Events,” and performed public spiritual demonstrations. She was also a lecturer in workshops and “Awareness Classes” in Nagoya. As of today, she mainly offers her sessions and organizes various spiritual events at Self in the Universe. 


As of now, she mainly offers her sessions at Self in the Universe in various places in Japan and Singapore and Bangkok and online. 


Instagram: selfuniverse331

Facebook:  Self in the Universe

Twitter:    @SelfintheUniver


[ About Personal Sessions ]

During a session, you are provided with an environment to make your relax with a cup of herbal tea to talk freely what is on your mind and in your heart. 


In the first 10 to 15 minutes of the session, Sae will communicate with the spiritual world with her abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, and relay messages to you from your loved ones and/or guide spirits. 


You will not be asked to provide any information prior to the session. Sae performs her mediumship based on the “Sitting” approach, which is a form of British spiritual reading*1. 


*1 Purpose of Mediumship

It is to prove that “spirits exist forever after death,” one of the seven principles in the modern spiritualism. 

When your family, friends, and your loved ones in heaven appear his/herself, Sae will confirm his/her identity with their appearance, age, career, hobby, likes and dislikes before passing messages to you. After that, please ask anything you would like to know. The session will not guarantee a client to gain all answers she/he wants to know, however, the medium will try her best to convey as many messages and advices as she can receive from the spiritual world. When she needs, with a client’s consent, she will practice spiritual healing*2.


*2 The spiritual healing is free of charge.


Sae can also offer a spiritual reading using photos. If you woule like to, please come to the session with a hard copy photo/photos, not the digital data, of the person. 



[ Session Policies and Declaimers ]

Please read the following to understand our policies before making your reservation.


  • Sae can deliver messages to each client regarding his/her past life affecting this life only when the spiritual world gives her such information. However, please be aware that the spiritual world will not provide any information about a client’s past life nor a guide spirit if the client is in the session out of mere curiosity. Those in heaven happily provide messages to a medium if and only they know that a client really needs a further spiritual advancement. 
  • It sometimes happens during the session that spirits(family members, friends or acquaintances of a client) other than he/she wishes may appear to convey messages. As there are rules in this society, it seems that there are certain rules in the world of spirits. Even though they may be a person/persons whom the client would not initially hope for, it is very important for him/her to thank those spirits who come all the way to appear themselves in the session. Please keep it in your mind.   
  • Lastly, please remember that all messages delivered to a client during a session are only “advices” proposed. Based on those, it is the client’s responsibility to think, decide and act after the session. The medium shall not be held liable for any decisions made or actions taken by clients as a result of a session. 

[ Session Information ]

<<Face-to-Face Sessions>>

The session fee has been changed effective from May 1st 2024.

 (Kochi City)


17,000JPY/50min.    27,000JPY/80 min.


11,000JPY/30min(available for only repeaters)


(Other places in Kochi)

18,800JPY/50min.    30,000JPY/80 min.


(Other places in Shikoku)


19,800JPY/50min.    31,600JPY/80 min.


(Tokyo and Other places in Japan)


21,800JPY/50min.   34,800JPY/80 min.


~Week-end and Holiday~

22,800JPY/50min.   36,000JPY/80 min.


<<ZOOM/Skype/LINE/Facebook Messngers Sessions>>

18,800JPY/50min.    30,000JPY/80 min.


11,800JPY/30min(available for only repeaters)


*ZOOM URL or the ID for Skype/LINE session will be notified after the reservation. 


<<Locations of Face-to-Face Sessions>>

[Kochi City] Near from Otesuji


[Tokyo] -10 min. walk from JR Shinjuku Station


 *The location address and direction from the station will be provided upon the reservation. 

[ Notices about the session ]

  1. Please come to the session alone without any company. If you want to come in with children, please let Sae know in advance.
  2. Please avoid any alcohol beverages, smoking, nor wearing strong scented items like perfumes prior to the session. 
  3. You can record our session by your mobile phone or IC recorder or with your own pen and notebook. However, please note that the session result is private and not allowed to upload or disclose it including memos or recorded data, etc. onto any HPs,blogs, or SNS medias such as Twitter, Instagram Facebook, etc.
  4. If you wish to have a mediumship reading with a certain person in heaven, please come to the session with their mementoes and/or hard copy photos since those items may help the medium to convey messages from that particular person. However, please be advised in advance that this will not guarantee their visitation during the session or answers you would hope to find. 


[ For reservations and inquiries ]

For inquiries, please feel free to email at any time.


Email:  sae0331english@gmail.com